Mãe ursa e seus filhotes saem do lago
créditos: Youtube/ Norma Alvarez

No lago Tahoe na Califórnia, Estados Unidos, os banhistas não ganharam para o susto. Uma mãe urso banhava-se e brincava na água com seus dois filhotes. 
Mas depois do susto, decidiram registar em vídeo a mãe urso a abraçar e a brincar na água com as duas crias.

Near the lake Tahoe in California, United States, families were surprised and a little scared by a mother bear and her two baby cubs playing in the water. Then mother bear and the two cubs leaved the lac and went to the forest without pay attention to people. 
After the scare, some people decided to record the lovely family scene on video.
On the beach, mothers explain her kids the adorable scene in Spanish.

Mother bear was so happy hugging and playing in the water with the two cubs! So cute! Adorably!
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